Seminarios doctorales

Seminarios doctorales
9/28/22 From 12:45 PM To 3:00 PM

-29/03: Partitioned Parametrized Variational Procedure for the Generation of Theorems of Structural Analysis
-20/04: Open Day
-29/04: PhD Seminar Series: “The Balanced Mode Decomposition Algorithm for Data-Driven LPV Low-Order Modelling of Aerospace Systems”
-9/05: Title: “Thermal Control of Space Systems”
Lecturer: Prof. Isabel Perez Grande from the University of Madrid (UPM)
-11/05: Spacecraft System Performance: Modelling, Metrics, Analysis, and Design
Lecturer: Thomas OTT - Head of AOCS/GNC & Flight Dynamics in Airbus Denfence and Space @ Lake Constance in Germany.
-2/06 Title: “Turbulent flows at high-Reynolds numbers: results and perspectives from CICLoPE laboratory”
Prof. Gabriele Bellani- Universitá di Bologna (UNIBO)
-15 y 16/06 Workshop-Encuentros Doctorales

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