Recording date: 19/10/2017
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TTM: Using Micro Learning and Learning Analytics to Improve Student Self-Reflection

Understanding one’s own learning process is a critical skill in tertiary education. This skill is not typically taught and it is assumed that students have acquired it from their primary and secondary schooling. However, many tertiary students do not know how to learn effectively.

In this presentation, Dr Cheong will discuss the work he has carried out with his team on developing a sustainable solution to address this issue, i.e., allow students to learn about their own learning processes by teaching them how to self-reflect on their own learning progress. A learning analytics system was designed and developed to support students in this process. The system collects students’ learning data to present visual artefacts describing their learning progress. Through consultation with their tutors, students were able to learn how to interpret the visualisations to gain insights on their learning approaches.

In the short-term, this allows students to analyse, monitor, and revise their learning approach. In the long term, this will form a strong foundation for developing active and lifelong learning attitudes in students as they will be able to apply this approach throughout their professional careers and lives beyond their time at university.

Series: 2017
Carlos Delgado Kloos
Christopher Cheong

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