Recording date: 13/12/2018
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Seminario. Artificial Intelligence and Games. Part 1

Games have always been excellent benchmarks for the advancement of AI. From Machine Learning to Search and Decision-Making algorithms, from Deep Blue and Alpha Zero to Starcraft 2, researchers across the globe agree on frameworks to test their methods. This course gives an overview of the Game AI field, focusing on the different research opportunities that it offers and some of its applications. This seminar will cover the different ways AI research is performed in this community, in terms of creation of intelligent agents that play games but also using AI to create content for games and influence game design. Particular focus will be put on the i) algorithms that have revolutionised the field in the last decade, such as Monte Carlo Tree Search and Deep Learning; ii) the most known frameworks that are being used nowadays; and iii) the most promising lines of future work for the next decade in this field.

Diego Perez-Liebana

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