Recording date: 28/02/2022
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Round Table

The term "transmedia" applied to activism invites us to reflect on the participatory
dynamics for civic action present in Digital Communication.
What would happen if we also applied creativity to social mobilization? We would
need to review inspiring examples of multiplatform practices from Popular Culture
Memetics to Experiential Marketing, Immersive Journalism or Media Art.
Adopting Intermediality as a starting point, in this conference we will pay special
attention to the growing role of User Generated Content (UGC), by allowing both
new formulas to access information and attractive visualization strategies for the
data obtained. Collaborative practices tend to facilitate an approach to
phenomena invisible to traditional media, allowing greater awareness and even
direct intervention on reality itself.
We will reflect on the role of information as content and a means of creative
expression through the activation of transmedia interventions that include
immersive installations, virtual and augmented reality environments, hacker
operations, gamification or collective performances. A series of guerrilla actions,
significant in terms of media innovation, which also contribute to the redefinition
of the concept of activism and citizen participation in the third decade of the 21st

Carolina Fernández Castrillo
Presents: Alejandro Barranquero, profesor de Periodismo de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Jose Ramón Alcalá
Tiziana Mancinelli
Vicente Rodríguez Ortega (UC3M)
Diego Mantoan

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